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Drive/Patio/Walkway Cleaning

Domestic & Commercial

We offer a professional drive, patio and walkway cleaning service to both domestic and commercial clients. 

How we work


We use a professional petrol pressure washer with a maximum pressure of 200 BAR and maximum output of 21LPM to deliver a thorough, transformative clean. We use a flat surface cleaner along with a variety of nozzles on a lance to delivery the cleaning power from the machine. Depending on the surface material, and staining we use a cleaning chemical in addition to cleaning with pressure.


We also recommend to our clients the application of a biocide treatment after pressure washing for best and longest lasting results.

What we clean

Driveways, patios and walkways of a variety of materials and surface types including: wood, monoblock, sandstone and others

Why have your drive/patio/walkway cleaned?

The entire aesthetic, of your property will improve significantly after these areas have been thoroughly cleaned. The change will be especially dramatic if the staining and growths on these surfaces are currently quite bad.

Freeing such surfaces of moss and other growths allows water to drain more easily and reduces slipping hazards.

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