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Window Cleaning

Domestic & Commercial

We offer a professional window cleaning service to both domestic and commercial clients. We currently clean windows for over 400 clients in and near Glasgow. (more on where we work here)

Exterior & Interior windows

We clean all exterior windows using the pure water-fed pole system (details below) and use the traditional soap and squeegee method for inside windows where the water-fed pole system is not suitable.

Up to 4th floor/44ft

Depending on the spacing of the flooring on the property, we can easily reach up to 4th floor with our pure water-fed pole system.

Silicon, Paint & Cement marks removal

On top of our standard window cleaning service, we offer an extra thorough clean for an additional price. This clean includes paint spots removal, silicon marks removal and cement spots removal.

Pure Water-Fed Pole system

How it works

We use carbon fibre telescopic poles- allowing us to reach great heights while still maintaining control of the pole. On the end of the pole is a soft brush along with two or more jets for water. A hose is fed up the inside of the pole and powerful pumps in our van system carry pure water through 100 meters of hose and then up to the jets in the brush at the top of the pole- releasing strong jets of pure water. Dirt and staining on glass, and UPVC, is agitated with the soft brush and washed away.

The key component of the system is pure water. Pure water is ordinary tap water that we treat through a process of filtration or resin. The result is that all minerals in the water that we usually need to make it drinkable are removed, what remains is known as deionised or pure water, as it is precisely only H2O. There are two reasons why this is ideal for cleaning. Most importantly, since the water is free from minerals and sediment it dries naturally without leaving a trace, leaving windows perfectly clean. The second benefit is that since it is deionised, the water molecules are drawn to seek out sediment to bond to. This means that as we rinse the glass with the pure water, it drags and washes away dirt exceptionally well- leaving nothing behind to cause marks on the glass.

Pure/deionised water

Working in the rain

Normally, rainfall is actually pure water made through natural filtration. It is only when rain is polluted or full of sand that it leaves marks on your glass. With traditional cleaning using soap, when the glass is squeegeed there remains a microscopic film of soap residue which is invisible… until it is disturbed by rain or something else, then it becomes visible in the form of streaks and marks. Since the pure water system we use leaves no residue at all behind on the glass, there is nothing for the rain to cause streaks with, so the windows remain clean until pollutants in the air or contaminated rain, insect and bird poo or cobwebs etc cause them to become dirty again.

Additional benefits

The pure water-fed pole system allows us to clean window frames and sills in addition to the glass to a high standard. It is a much safer method of working and allows us to access windows that were previously inaccessible for cleaning. It is also more versatile as we use it to provide other professional cleaning services in addition to window cleaning. (services- here)

Pure Water-Fed Pole system
Working in the rain

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