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Roof Cleaning

Domestic & Commercial

We offer a professional roof cleaning service to both domestic and commercial clients. 

How we work

We usually clean roofs up to a limit of 2nd floor, however, are happy to accommodate going higher should the job be sufficiently large or urgent.

For access, we use a portable scaffold tower to reach a comfortable working height safely.


For cleaning, we use a pressure washer on low pressure combined with a surface cleaner or turbo nozzle on the end of our carbon fibre pole. The pressure is just enough to remove the moss and other biomass and restore some colour to the roof, without damaging the tiles.


After this, we always follow with a soft wash application of a biocide. This kills any remaining biomass and helps to restore the original colour of the tiles. The biocide also acts to protect the roof from growths returning for up to 2 years.

Why have your roof cleaned?

A clean roof allows water to flow down the tiles smoothly into your gutters and into a downpipe. When the roof is covering in biomass- water saturates the biomass and doesn’t allow your roof to dry properly for long periods. Shockingly, moss can eventually even eat through your tiles compromising the water tightness of your roof. This can lead to rotting wooden beams and the odour of rotting wood can attract wildlife to the damaged part of your roof which will nest in it. Additionally, a clean roof means that gutters take longer before they become filled with debris as a major source of that debris build-up- the moss sitting on your roof- is gone.


Depending on the age and condition of your roof, a thorough clean can yield similar results to that of a replacement of your roof, at a much lower cost than a new roof.

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